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A Case of a sex worker in Dhaka City.

X is twenty. She is married for 5 years and mother of a four years old daughter. X was born at Island district Bhola. X is illiterate. Her husband knows about her profession of brothel and allows her to do so, as he is quite dependent on her earnings. X along with her family resides in a slum of Dhaka City railway station. She picked up this profession 3 years back. When X was in the third year of her marriage her husband brought a few of his drunken friends to their house and allowed them to enjoy sex with his wife by force and from then on X was left with no choice except brothel. X said sometimes she want to leave her husband but couldn’t. Because he threatened that if she did so then he will sell her daughter in the brothel. X accepted this harsh reality and continues with the profession of brothel. X earns about Taka 100-150 per day and spends the half of the amount on her daily needs of foods and transport and gives her husband the other half of the earnings. That’s why she is unable to save money and send her daughter to a good school. X’s father and mother are not alive and she had no siblings. Every evening X comes to station areas, DC hill park Park to sell her body. X often faces the harassments by police, local mastans (miscreants) and student leaders where she is forced to provide free service to them. X asks all her clients to use condoms. Some obliges and some not. X is aware of HIV/ AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. X expects that the government should take rehabilitation program for them. X concluded that if she gets any legal help from human rights institution to save her daughter, then she would quit this profession.