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Historical Perspective of Medical Social Work

The emergence of medical social work has been partly the result of an evolutionary process and partly the profession’s reaction to the changing situation and needs of health care system. The necessity of medical social work practice in health sector was first felt in England in the 1885 when discharged patients of mental hospitals needed after care in their homes to avoid recurrence of illness. Visitors went to the patients home and advised family and friends about the necessary care of the patient.
A second source of medical social work were the lady aimers in English hospitals. They served as volunteer receptionists, made social investigations, and decided whether applicants should be admitted as free patients to the hospital, and what charity organization might be asked to assume the patients support.

Visiting nurses were the third forerunners of medical social workers. In 1993 Lillian world and Mary Brewster of the Henry street settlement House in New York began to visit the homes of sick people in the neighborhood who were too. Poor to pay for medical and nursing care.

The fourth predecessor of the medical social worker was a medical student trained as a volunteers with charity agencies to gain an understanding of the influence of social, economic, and living conditions on the illness of the patients.

On the basis of the experiences, medical social work established in 1905, at four different places at almost the same time at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston at Belleve Hospital in New York, at Jonns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, cad at the Berkeley Infirmary in Boston.