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Brief discussion of banks Classification on the basis of function

1. Central banks: A central bank functions as a top controlling bank for all other banks of the country. It functions as controller of credit, bankers’ bank and enjoys the monopoly of issuing currency notes on behalf of the government. In our country Bangladesh bank enjoys these privileges.
2. Commercial banks: A commercial bank is essentially meant for providing short-term credit to trade and industry. In our country the role of commercial banks has undergone a revolutionary change. They are now providing credit in an increasing measure to agriculture, small scale industries and other weaker sections of the economy like small business, retail trade etc. There are about fifty commercial banks at the moment in Bangladesh.

3. Industrial banks: An industrial bank primarily meets the long-term capital requirements of industry. Such finance is required for acquisition of fixed assets like plant and machinery, land and building etc.
4. Agricultural banks: An agricultural bank functions as a specialized institution providing credit to agriculture. Co-operative banks, regional rural banks and land mortgage banks fall in this category
5. Specialized bank: these are the banks which concentrate on financing specialized economic and social sectors. Specialized sectors may be small and cottage industries financing, financing the rural asset less and landless people etc. Specialized banks are BASIC and Grameen bank.
6. Islami bank: these banks perform its banking business in Bangladesh on the basis of sharia or Islamic principles. Among many, two of these are Islami bank Bangladesh ltd and the oriental bank Bangladesh ltd.
7. Co-operative bank: Co-operative banks usually meet the short-term credit requirements of agriculture. Since agriculture and production of agriculture commodities are subject to natural calamities, it requires specialized financing. Co-operative banks provide cheap credit to the farmers. Theses banks are run on co-operative principles. Bangladesh Samabay bank limited is the only co-operative bank in our country. The members of the co-operative bank get credit from such bank.