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Existing dowry system in Rural Bangladesh

Though family law is a major part of LOEP and dowry system is a discussing matter of high importance. Still dowry is a major problem in that area. Mabia is facing this problem through her daughter.Educated person also wish to take dawry.[steps towards development,vol- 36.] Nasia khatar represents exactly this picture that one lakh marriages are broken every year due to dowry according to kaji somiti of Bangladesh it is shown in above mentioned paper. Again two takh women full suffer of dowry every year. it is taught to women that they are inferior to men by depriving them from education. As a result the girl is counted as a burden of family and fall victim to torture due to dowry. Sometimes parents of a educated boy expects to compensate educational expenses of their son by taking dowry in marriage. This pictre is available in madhopur. Mabia wants to get married her youngest girl after completing higher education and after being self dependent. Nasima Khatun in steps towards development vol no-36 has shown that dependency of women on others, lack of education, lack of proper use of law, are responsible for extending dowry. Mabia has narsated this points at her daughter marriage. So it can be said that, the main reason of prevailing dowry is in male dominating society the proper use of law is not available. Though G.S has managed eduation but is not interested in proper use of law.