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Distinguish or difference between bank and banking

Bank is a financial institution that accepts the surplus money of the people in the form of deposit and gives it to other in the form of loans and advances.
According to professor Chamber, “bank is an office or institution for keeping, lending and exchanging etc of money.”

Banking is the process of performing the activities of a bank.
According to oxford dictionary of finance and banking, “banking is the activities undertaken by bank.”

Bank is a financial intermediary institution.
1. Nature
Banking is the summation of all activities of bank.
Bank may be sole proprietorship, partnership or any other form of organization.
2. Organizational structure.
Banking has no organo gram.
Bank performs the banking functions
3. Functions
Collection of deposits, granting loans etc are the functions of banking.
Banker is liable for the bank’s activities.
4. Liability
Bank is liable for the banking activities.
Success of bank depends on the efficiency of the banker.
5. Success
The success of banking depends on the size & form of the bank.
Bank makes relationship with the customers
6. Relationships
Banking make relationship with bank.
The dissolution of bank is done by the local banking law.
7. Dissolution
When a bank dissolve then the banking activities end.
Bank is dependent on banker
8. Dependency
Banking is depended on the bank.
Banker initiates bank
9. Initiation
Bank initiates banking.
As a financial institution it has a separate entity.
10. Entity.
Banking has no separate entity; it is based on the entity of bank.