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Review of mobile communication in Bangladesh

There has been a number of research works conduced on mobile communication and the performance of the industry over the years in Bangladesh which mostly covers the factors of success and failure, effective marketing strategies, determinants of acceptance, risk analysis, relative benefits, problems and challenges for both parties i.e. the service providers and the customers. Also there has been some studies covered the present topic but as the organizational changes is a continuous process and the dynamics of current business environment, conducting a study to identify the very recent trends i.e. the potential of the industry is very much relevant and important.
So considering this, the present endeavour is selected to explore the potential of the mobile phone market of Bangladesh in order to unfold the present picture of the industry, problems and challenges, strategies utilized by the major players in the market, implications for the companies, investors, customers and other stakeholders.

The following section is going to discuss and review the existing literature on the problem at hand while there will be a huge factors introduced in order to provide a clear link between the research topic and the existing literature.