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Customers unmet needs and wants from mobile communication in Bangladesh

In our neighboring country, India, 3G mobile service had been introduced in 2008. Bangladeshi people also seeking for it as it allows simultaneous use of speech and data services and higher data rates. In our country, data transfer rate is really slow. People often face buffering problems while using Internet, and so people want higher data transfer rate. People also want 3G because of its higher security features as it allows the UE (User Equipment) to authenticate the network it is attaching to, the user can be sure the network is the intended one and not an impersonator. As people are continuously being exposed to news of technological updates of other countries, the demand is being created for:
Mobile TV – a provider redirects a TV channel directly to the subscriber's phone where it can be watched.
Video on demand – a provider sends a movie to the subscriber's phone.
Video conferencing – subscribers can see as well as talk to each other.
Tele-medicine – a medical provider monitors or provides advice to the potentially isolated subscriber.
Location-based services – a provider sends localized weather or traffic conditions to the phone, or the phone allows the subscriber to find nearby businesses or friends.