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Reformation of Ataturk

Atatürk undertook a series of reforms to raise Turkey to a level of modern civilized country. These reforms can be grouped under five basic titles:
Political Reforms
·         The Sultanate was abolished
·         The Republic was declared
·         Abolishment of the caliph

 Social Reforms
·         Recognition of equal rights of men and women . The legal position of women and their place in society in the new republic was greatly improved for example the active and passive voting right at national and local elections.
·         Reform of Headgear and Dress.
·         Closure of mausoleums and dervish lodges, closing of sacred tombs as places of worship. 
·         The surname law.
·         Adoption of the solar calendar and changing Friday.
·         International numeric system was introduced.
·         Adoption of international hours and measurements.
·         The nicknames and personal titles were abolished.
Legal Reforms
·         Abolishment of the religious courts.
·         Implementation of secular law structure nationwide by adoption of Turkish. Civil Code and Swiss civil laws. Penal Statute Book and the Trade Law Book were also introduced.
·         The liberation of the women of Turkey by giving them political and social rights-
 Rights brought with "Medeni Kanun” and rights for women to be elected for the parliament.

Reforms in the fields of Education and Culture
·         Unification of education, Abolition of Medreses, renovations of school programs according to contemporary and national needs, opening of new universities. 
·         Adoption of new Turkish alphabet and purification of Turkish language from foreign words.
·         Establishment of Turkish Language and History Institution.
·         Regulation of the university education.
·         Innovations in fine arts.
 Economic Reforms
·         Abolition of tithe.
·         Encouragement of the farmers.
·         Establishment of model farms.
·         Establishment of industrial facilities, and putting into effect a law for Incentives for the Industry.
·         Putting into effect Ist and IInd Development Plans, to develop transportation networks.