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Customer analysis of mobile communication in Bangladesh

This section mainly covers the need for market segmentation, customer buying behaviour and their emerging needs and wants. Generally speaking, the current trend of the telecom industry in Bangladesh has opened up the opportunity for almost every people of the society to enjoy connectivity through mobile phone (Azam, 2007). After considering the overall scenario of the society now it is very logical and evident to infer that the communication is above all seen as a necessity for us. Actually, here is the implication of the major opportunities for the telecom industry to grow lies and this allow them to increase their investments on IT, advertisements and promotion, more care for customer services, and many more. Along with the growing customers’ needs and as there is an intense competition exists in the market; the competitors are continuously trying to reduce the call rates, offerings various attractive offers make target customers hardly ever able to avoid being exposed to telecom products.
The telecom industry of Bangladesh tends to target the country's entire population as a single segment, but varies its product in terms of augmented features and benefits to appeal to distinctive segments of customers within that one segment. While all the players in the industry attempts to compete with each other in all segments, they usually tend to target heavily the segment in which their primary core competency lies.