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Howard Becker’s Developmental Career Model , The Children of Sex-Workers in Bangladesh

Howard Becker’s developmental career model is a social-process approach. Becker argues that deviance exists in the eye of the beholder, much like beauty. He stresses that no act is intrinsically deviant, but must be defined as such. Becker’s notion of a developmental process is that it precedes the attainment of a deviant identity or career. He uses the process of becoming a marijuana user as an unfolding sequence of steps that lead one to a commitment and participation in a deviant career. He argues that such an identity occurs over time, having both a historical and longitudinal course that involves some subtle changes in the person’s attitude and perspective, as well as their behavior, he argues. “The circumstances that determine movement along a particular path includes properties of both the person and of the situation,” he states. Becker noted that the process of segregation creates "outsiders", who are outcast from society, and then begin to associate with other individuals who have also been cast out.