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Prospects of mainstreaming of CSW

One of the key issue of mainstreaming is the prospects of mainstreaming of CSW. It affects many aspects in this respect including their possibility to mainstream, reducing hindrances in future, increasing ability to mix with society, prospects of health careand education, attitude of civil society towards them and impacts of psychological counselling in personality construction.
The survey report reveals the participants’opinion on whether they believe in what extent their possibility to mainstreaming in society. In reply 85% strongly agree with higher chance, 9.5% with less chance and 3.5% do not reply or say no chance.
In the study, the survey results that 66.5 percent agreed with higher chance, 26 percent said less chance and 3.5% said no chance and 4 percent dont respond while they are asking about their present hindrance in mixing with others publicly could be solved in future. And they agreed that they are able to mix in society. 93 percent agreed with higher chance, 3.5 percent said less chance and 1.5% said no chance and 2 percent dont respond in this circumstances.