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Prospect of mobile communication in Bangladesh

“Watson, come here: I want you.” This was the first message ever transmitted from one place to another, through a device called telephone. American genius, Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) along with his assistant Thomas Watson invented the device. It was March 10, 1876, an important day for human civilization, the first step towards developing means of communication. We’ve come a long way since then. Today, mobile phone is a part of our everyday life. Nowadays, the mobile phone is not only used for making calls, among many other functions it’s used for communicating through text-messages and so called multi-media messages, as well as to connect us to the internet. The opportunities that lie in the mobile communication market seem endless and the growing demand for mobile telephone systems is creating a world-wide market. The telecom industry is nowadays not only by means of millions, but by means of billions. Actors in this industry are seeking the most profitable markets throughout the world. The mobile phone sector, in Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing business segments of the country which provide a lot of value addition to the society with its service and creation of employment opportunities. At present there are six mobile phone operators in the country with – GrameenPhone, Banglalink, Robi (Aktel), Teletalk, Airtel and Citycell. The total number of mobile phone active subscribers in Bangladesh has reached 85.455 million at the end of December, 2011. The present tele density in the country is about 46 percent.

The present endeavour is to make a detail examination and critical analysis of the prospect of mobile communication in Bangladesh. This report is based mainly on the secondary data such as; relevant articles, journals, company publications, different research papers, company websites, relevant text books, and so on. The basic framework of the present study covers the analysis of our telecom industry on the basis of its customers, competitors, overall industry attractiveness and profitability (Porter’s five forces analysis), PEST and SWOT analysis and from a marketing perspective. After making interpretations of the findings this report has made some recommendations which could contribute to the further growth and expansion of the industry.