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Present educational status of CSW

All of the participants have facilities to access in formal education. Education is a key constituent of individual’s life that affects many aspects of a person including behavior change related aspects. Studies have shown that educational attainment has strong influence on knowledge, attitude and practice. In this study, according to survey findings, a much greater percentage of the 94.50% of 200 participants were recieving institutional education.Among them 79% studying in primary level, while 12.5% was in secondary level. Only 3 percent was studying higher secondary level. Most of them 72% were studying in govt. school, 25% participants were in non-govt. school and 3% participant belonged to other institution like vocational school. Among them 35.5% get access to the library and 64.0% don’t who are mainly from primary level. They are not disturbed by strengers on the way of school because a house-guide was always with them. They are not even annoyed by schoolmates because their identity kept secrate or they 96% have a good understanding with everyone. They are not even neglected or punished by the teacher as because they are CSW.