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Structure of Civil Service Commission of Bangladesh

Basic information about structure of civil service
Number of Cadres
Number of Class-1 Officers
Number of Ministries
Number of Divisions
Number of Departments
Number of Statutory Bodies
Source: Ministry of Public Administration, Government of Bangladesh 2009

On average, between 1,200 and 1,800 Class 1 officers are recruited each year. There are 28 cadres each comprising officers with particular skills or qualifications. Most cadres are confined to a single Ministry, for example most, if not all, members of the Nursing, Family Planning and Health cadres work in the Ministry of Health and Family Planning. Cadre arrangements are also complicated by the development of non-cadre posts. These are often funded from development monies and do not attract the benefits (promotion opportunities, pension, security of employment etc) associated with sanctioned posts in cadres. Although most cadres populate a particular ministry or directorate, the Administrative cadre provides the officers for the Ministry of Public Administration, the Civil Field Service, the Secretariats to all Ministries and the Secretariats for the Cabinet Office and the Prime Ministers. Administrative cadre officers are also deputed to key positions to run autonomous and other constitutional organizations such as the Public Service Commission (DFID:2004).