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Why I want to study in university of Dhaka

Dhaka University is a world-renowned institution with some of the best academic facilities in Bangladesh. Dhaka University students come from all kinds of schools, backgrounds and countries, and all candidates are considered on the basis of their own merits and potential, making it impossible to define a typical student. However, common to all students are commitment, enthusiasm, and motivation for their chosen area of study, backed by a strong academic record.
As a Dhaka University student or graduate I'm already made some important decisions in my life concerning my career. Think back to how I chose my degree course and university, for instance. Many courses were available to me, so how did I decide? Perhaps my choice was based on the course content, the geographical location of the university and its reputation. Or maybe my choice was linked to a particular career I'm keen to pursue. Whatever influenced my decision, I'm now faced with a new set of choices which will be based on a further set of factors. My degree course and university experiences are likely to be factors which have a major influence over my next career step, but others will figure to a greater or lesser extent.

The programmes of studying Dhaka University in the mathematical, physical and life sciences are challenging and exciting, designed to attract students of high academic merit and potential, irrespective of background. Students enjoy a demanding yet supportive learning experience, allowing them to realize their potential and equipping them to pursue careers in a wide range of fields. Dhaka University graduates are well represented in any discipline, the public sector, and the corporate world; Dhaka University degree in the mathematical, physical or life sciences is immensely rewarding and an excellent investment for the future.

Dhaka University education leads to an increase in earning capacity, a broader range of opportunities, and a more rewarding career. Most employers target university graduates in their recruitment campaigns. A graduate has a better prospect of being selected for a job than an individual who did not attend university. Employers prefer Dhaka University graduates because a higher educational qualification generally demonstrates the skills and qualities valued by them.

Whatever my career plans, this booklet aims to help my move forward to my next career stage. Being flexible and proactive are key factors to succeed in what has become a very dynamic and changing job market. My degree has given me unique knowledge, experience and skills which I can now use to move into my first graduate job. With help, support and a proactive approach I should find this new challenge is an exciting and rewarding experience.

Dhaka University education allows the freedom to decide on a line of work or career. Dhaka University provides a whole range of courses ranging from well-known academic subjects such as International Relations, Accounting, Marketing, English, History, Economics, Philosophy, Criminology, etc. Dhaka University also provides opportunities to select career-specific courses such as medicine, software engineering, journalism, etc. These job-specific courses allow me to chart my career by studying subjects close to mine heart and making progress in a career with job satisfaction.

Dhaka University education is a great way to implement my desire for a career change. A higher education gives me the confidence to change tracks from what I have been doing all these years. It provides me with the necessary skills and knowledge to kick-start a new and rewarding career. Dhaka University also provides the option of flexible study to help fit higher education with existing work commitments. There is also increasing demand for an educated workforce.