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The central feature of the company's performance appraisal system was an annual interview. Managers were expected to sit down with each of their employees at least once a year (or more often if appropri­ate) and review their performance. The company had recently intro­duced a new form to facilitate planning and conducting these inter­views. (See Exhibit 9-2.) These forms were to be filled out in advance by the person conducting the appraisal. During the interview, salary considerations for the coming year were to be discussed and the deci­sion about the employee's raise communicated. Copies of the form were to be signed by the employee after the performance appraisal in­terview as an indication that he or she had seen the appraisal. Each ap-praisee then had the opportunity to add any additional comments that he or she felt should be included in the personnel file. The forms were then sent to the interviewing manager's immediate superior for review. When the supervisor had signed the forms, a copy was sent to the per­sonnel files and a copy was sent back to the interviewing manager.