looking for


  • Preparation of national biodiversity strategies and action plan in line with CBD and its appropriate implementation;
  • Strengthening the national institution and capacity building for conservation and management of biodiversity;
  • Promote community based biodiversity conservation and management
  • Preparation of National Biosafety Framework
  • Implementation of effective ecosystem approach community based conservation programme involving stakeholders/local communities;
  • Development of detailed guidelines for freshwater, coastal and marine biodiversity conservation
  • Adaptive measures of adverse impact caused by cyclone and flood and anticipated global warming and sea level rise.
  • Restoration of degraded ecosystems to restore habitats which have been seriously affected by drought, salination, deforestation, soil erosion, beach compaction, sand dune formation and habitat covered by coarse sand due to flash floods.
  • Establishment of a national biodiversity information database.
  • Establishment of Biodiversity Cell in the concern organization related to biodiversity/biological resources.
  • Conserve special habitat and ecosystems such as hill forests, Shal forests, wetlands, coastal/mangrove ecosystems, coral reef ecosystems, estuary ecosystems as well as protecting migratory animal species.
  • Preparation of National Biosafety Act and Rules.
  • Strengthen Wildlife Circle in Forest Department
  • Establish Ecosystem /Ecologically Critical Area management section in the Department of Environment
  • Conservation and management of coastal and wetland biodiversity