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Qualities related with organization of a good bank

a)      Origin of the bank: It indicates who are the initiators or entrepreneurs of the bank and their background relates to banking business and goodwill in the business communication as well as prior success in the area.
b)      Location of the bank: A bank must be located near to its customers. Specially, commercial and industrial bank should be located in commercial place.

c)      Age of the bank: the bank which is old aged and highly experienced is considered more effective than a new bank.
d)     Types of bank: There are various types of bank such as unit bank, branch bank, chain bank, group bank, schedule bank, non-schedule bank etc. Among these types of bank branch bank and schedule can provide more facilities to the clients.
e)      Nationality of bank: At the time of opening the bank account the clients give more importance on nationalized bank. Because, it is more dependable and safety than any other private bank.
f)       Legal entity: the bank should have legal entity for performing its activity.