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Origin of the word “Bank”

It is observed that there are at least three schools of thought about its origin. These are as follows-
Some of the economists believe that the word ‘bank’ originates from the German word ‘BANC’ meaning a joint stock firm.
The second category of economists believes that the word ‘bank’ has been derived from the Italian word ‘BANCO’ which means heap or mound.
There is another group of people who traces the origin of the word ‘bank’ to the Greek word “BANQUE’ meaning a bench.
According to Prof. Chamber the word ‘Bank’ came from the Italian word ‘Banco’ and French word Banque.
We can show the origin of the ‘Bank’ as follows-
Banco/Banke =>Banque=>Bank
Finally we may say the word ‘Bank’ came from the word Banque, Banco or Banke.