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Qualities related with efficiency of a good bank

a)      Total deposit: naturally the bank which attracts the public can collect deposit and can run its business smoothly. Huge amount of deposits indicates a bright sign of a good bank.
b)      Liquidity: The bank which can pay on demand is an efficient bank. For that reason bank should keep necessary cash in its locker to fulfill the demand of the client, side by side bank should lend money for earning its profit.
c)      Investment: Two issues should be considered in measuring the qualities of a bank. Such as- I) Amount of investment II) area of investment. Bank should invest this money on rising business but not in dull business take like transportation, power sector etc.

d)     Number of branches: The banks which have more branches give more facilities towards the clients.
e)      Earning profit: the bank which can earn high scale of profit is normally good. The bank must take initiative steps to increase the rate of profit by providing facilities.
f)       Rate of interest: the bank which provides high rate of interest toward deposit is more preferable.