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Marketing Perspectives 4 Ps

The marketing mix of the industry can be broken down into the "4 Ps" of marketing. These are the parameters that the marketing manager can control, subject o the internal and external constraints of the marketing environment in order to make decisions focusing on the customers in the target market in order to create perceived value and generate positive response.Product – As mobile telecom is mainly a service industry, the main service of the industry is voice transfer service which is the heart of the industry. The second important service provided by this industry is the data transfer service i.e. Internet. Internet is provided in the form of EDGE & GPRS by the operators.

Text message (SMS and in some cases Media messages or MMS) is also an important service. To get the services, customers need to buy SIM card or RIM card. The tangible products of the industry are mobile sets & Internet modems. Those are not produced by the mobile operators but various mobile set & modem manufacturers make it for them. Recently various kinds of utilities bills can be paid by GP & Teletalk. After sales & customer service are also important services provided by mobile operators.

Price – Initially, connection price was above the reach of average people of the country. Call rates and network charges were also high. But now scenario has changed significantly. A pre-paid connection can be purchased within 200 Taka, where a post-paid connection can be purchased within 1000 Taka. Call rates vary from package to package. There are differences in call charges in various times of a day. But on an average it's now 1 Taka per minute for voice call. SMS charge less than 1 Taka per SMS for some operators. There are various rates for various packages of Internet service. It can be on volume basis (dependant on bytes downloaded or transferred) or at fixed rates. In most cases, the average rate per kilobyte is around Taka. 0.02.

Place – Most of the operators have established their distribution facilities almost everywhere in Bangladesh. They have their own customer care centers almost in all the important areas of almost all the different regions of the country. Some operators have also assigned franchise distributors. Besides their own customer centers, there are one or more authorized dealers in every district. Mobile SIMs are available in many mobile accessories & stationary stores also. It can be said that they have made their SIMs very conveniently obtainable.
Promotion – In the case of promotion, mobile companies are very aggressive. They place their ads in every possible media - from TV to radio, from print media to Internet, from the body of the buses to billboards. Operators spend enormous amounts of money on advertisements, often acquiring the services of leading media producers and actors to direct and play out TV commercials. One of the operators is currently sponsoring Bangladesh cricket team, and operators regularly sponsor various events around the country in a bid to promote their brands.