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Bargaining power of suppliers

If the telecom operators had to design the products on the whims of the suppliers because their output is unique, then the suppliers would enjoy absolute advantage in terms of bargaining power. But here this is not the case. Again, since the number of the suppliers is very limited say NOKIA & Ericsson and a handful number of network administrators, they (the suppliers) have this power to leverage on this, because this is limiting the choice of the operators and making the switching cost very high for them.
The demand is very high and the consumer base is very large but the investment is low because of the topographic layout. The government has a receptive foreign investment policy with no restrictions on repatriation of profit. Even though the current infrastructure is not much developed but it is suitable for foreign investment. Bangladesh has a huge potential in WiMax and submarine cable which is a new technology in the country and has attracted the foreign telecom operators. Many foreign telecom operators are coming to Bangladesh to explore the potentiality of the technology. Some interested international telecom operators who want to start a business in Bangladesh; UK-based Orange Telecom, South Korean SK Telecom and UAE's Etisalat.