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Sustainable development vision of Bangladesh

It is now widely recognized that the process of economic growth must be equitable as well as environmentally sustainable. The environmental efficacy deteriorates when the environment is degraded and the environmental balance disturbed through overuse, pollution, deforestation, and the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions. Environmentally sound development calls for actions to restore and maintain environmental health while pursuing socio-economic development. Internationally, there is broad consensus that the environment and production systems should be tailored to minimize damage to the environment to ensure the sustainability of development, and the environmental services should be directed towards poverty reduction. Sound environment is a multi-sectoral concern and it contributes towards capacity building of other sectors and helps to facilitate effective coordination among sectors. Such an integrated pathway is crucial from the perspective of longer term development sustainability and for leaving the environment, as inter-generational equity considerations demand, in such a state that the future generations can meet their needs. Nothing should be done today which will compromise the well-being of future generations.

The vision of Bangladesh NSDS, developed through a consultation process, is to “ensure sustained economic growth, environmental protection and social justice which implies improvement of livelihood options of the people, reduction of poverty; ensuring wise use of natural resources, good governance and people’s participation”.