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Strategic Framework of NSDS of Bangladesh

The framework for NSDS is presented in the flowchart of NSDS Framework which indicates that the goal of the strategy is to ensure sustainable development of Bangladesh, that is, development of current generation without sacrificing the needs of the future generation. The goal is based on a vision for sustainable development formed through a process of stakeholder consultations. To fulfill the vision of sustainable development five strategic priority areas are identified which are: sustained economic growth, development of priority sectors, urban environment, social security and protection, and environment and natural resource management.
The National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) has also identified three important cross cutting issues which are important for all five strategic priority areas. These cross-cutting areas are; good governance, human resource development and management and gender. The objective of each priority areas, present status, key challenges and future strategies have been identified through stakeholder consultations and review of existing development plans, sectoral polcies and strategies.
A schematic representation of the vision, strategic priority areas and cross-cutting areas are given below
Vision of the NSDS of Bangladesh is to ensure sustained economic growth, environmental protection and social justice